Spotlight Tutorial

Openstreetmap is a good alternative for existing Mapping plugins or api's. It's an userfriendly though pretty accurate map.
Openstreetmap is licensed under Creative Commons. Show your database results depending on LAT/LON with markers and extra info.
A cool and very usefull gadget for on your website. 

Author: Jac van Dooren

ColdFusion Discussions

This has to be one of the best tutorial sites on the web, and not just for Cold Fusion either! This site has helped me answer most questions I have had with CF-MX that I hadn't been able to find in DevNet (Macromedia's own). All the turoials are written by people who have an appreciation for those still trying to learn. I wuold recommend it for everyone. And if it gets daily tips from Ben Forta - then who can argue with that...

Travis Frost, 02/19/2003

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